About us

Jebai Group is an international real estate developer and investor built on 45 years of experience within the industry. The group of companies are specialized in providing lifestyle in various aspects – from professional concepts of residential and commercial developments, to retail and touristic projects.

The exquisite locations of the lands and projects of Jebai Group are iconed as landmarks in the regions. Proven achievements in enhancing economy and development are some one of the mat foundations of the group.

Luck is where opportunities match experience.

Parting of these beliefs, dedicating time, willing, and logic, Jebai Group has participated with governments and local authorities in finding solutions to improve economy and lifestyle – mainly in the region known as trés fronteras, the boarder between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Here is also where Jebai Group founded the first Chamber of Commerce in 1970. The formation has had the hard and efficient job of discussing and negotiating with the governments of these countries to establish rules of commerce and trading.

Galeria Jebai Center is the first shopping center developed by the group. A landmark incentivizing commerce, improving economy of that region, which a few years later became an icon and a model copied by dozens.

Vision is where willing meets capacity.

Early 1980′s, Jebai Group looks for wider horizons with no limits. Taking a new step to USA, translating the group’s experience in South America into successful developments:

JB International – Trading & Commercial Representative Brands
Flagler 251 – Galeria International Mall, Downtown Miami
Sabal Springs – Golf & Racquet Club, affordable town community, Florida

Expansion is where the limits never end.

In the beginning of the 1990′s, another challenge transformed ideas into success. Looking always to improve lifestyle in affordable conditions, this time in Lebanon:

Al Majal – Gated residential community
Sky Towers – Residential and commercial development
J. Towers – Architectural residential landmark
Omnia – Residential boutique building in heart of Beirut
105 Pinestate – Lifestyle project